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Madi and Ben are a married couple who established this business together. Madi is an architect who graduated from Azad University in 2012. Creating pieces of arts had always been her passion. Therefore, she improved her knowledge by learning more about clay and ceramic. She also established her first small studio in Iran. This was a step that made her dream come true. She met her partner Ben in an international competition where they started collaborating and ended up getting married.



Ben is an industrial engineer, engineering helped him to think more geometrical. He is also a handy man, leather helped him to create ideas he had and he has an independent business called “Chaam Accessories” where he sells leather products.


They came to Toronto in 2019. Madi studied art and design at the Centennial college and Ben studied HVAC at George Brown college. They contributed to couple of events during Christmas 2019. Currently, they own a studio in Richmond Hill.

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